Iga Bałos
AI patents: is there a need to rethink patent law?

Maciej Barczewski
panel moderator



Jorge L. Contreras
The patentability of genetic therapies:  CAR-T and the medical treatment exclusion around the world (with Luis Gil Abinader)

Rochelle C. Dreyfuss
Patenting nature

Susy Frankel
Trade agreements and their impact on innovation

Alfred Früh
Transparency in the patent system. Artificial intelligence and the disclosure requirement

Reto Hilty
panel moderator

Dietrich Kamlah
Standard Essential Patents. The conflict between open access to standards and the fair reward for innovation

Jakub Kępiński
panel moderator

Ronald Korenstra
Rethinking the future of the breeder’s exemption, a culture clash?

Małgorzata Korzycka
panel moderator



Amandine Léonard
‘Abuse of rights’ and PAEs in European patent litigation: a case law analysis

Geertrui Van Overwalle
Rethinking IP protection for plants? Comparing plant breeder’s rights, patents and open source

Justyna Ożegalska-Trybalska
SPC manufacturing waiver – a tool for increasing competitiveness of generic companies or a weapon detrimental for innovators?

Żaneta Pacud
Legal instruments stimulating innovation in pharmaceutical industry. Their importance for the Polish pharma

Jakub Sielewiesiuk
Patent protection of computer implemented inventions. Real life examples

Rafał Sikorski
On the meaning of FRAND

Peter R. Slowinski
Artificial intelligence, novelty and inventive step – what role does AI play in patent law today?

Krystyna Szczepanowska-Kozłowska
Are we still encouraged to protect inventions?

Agnieszka Sztoldman
Reconsidering the Bolar exemption: is the legislative framework fit for purpose?

Marek Świerczyński
Biosimilars and patent law

Tomasz Targosz
Second medical use patents and the boundaries of patent law

Anna Tischner
panel moderator


Elżbieta Traple
panel moderator



Juan Antonio Vives-Vallés
The scope of the Farm-Saved Seed under the UPOV Acts of 1961 and 1978

Katya Zakharov-Assaf
The importance of being first (with Lisa Herzog)

Tomasz Zimny
Patent – a driving force or a costly addition to portfolio? Analysis of non-patent legal factors of marketability in plant biotechnology

Helena Żakowska-Henzler
Human enhancement and patent law